Sunday, February 9, 2014

Do you flipboard for genealogy???

One android app I have become attached to is my Flipboard app.  

If you're not familiar with flipboard. describes it as
 "a single place to discover, collect and share the news you care about.  Add your favorite social networks, publications and blogs to stay connected to the topics and people closest to you." 

I'm not a big fan of apps and don't have a lot of time to "play" with new technology, but this app is definitely for me and anyone who enjoys reading and learning about new sources of information.  I feel much more connected to the genealogy profession by reading the genealogy articles on my flipboard.  And this one is sooooo easy and useful.

Just choose the types of "magazine articles" you'd like to read about and flipboard pretty much does the rest.  After taking a few minutes to set it up you're ready to flip through the pages and pages and pages (you get the idea) of articles under your chosen topic.  My favorite time to use my flipboard app is on the weekends, in the morning when I'm still waking up.  I can image many times and places when accessing flipboard would be advantageous such as anytime you're wanting to read.  

I love flipboard for introducing me to many different genealogy avenues such as the many genealogy articles on written by professional genealogist, Kimberly Powell,  and Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter written by Dick Eastman, a wonderful blog written by Eastman and full of everything genealogy and then there are the many articles with links to genealogy videos on youtube.  I'm convinced you can sit all day following link after link in these articles.  

So, the next time you're sitting around waiting for the doctor, DMV, or airplane, open up your flipboard app and learn something new.