Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thomas and Oliver Carson

I haven't written in a long time mostly because I haven't had time to get deep into my genealogy research :-( But after I pulled a muscle in my back I thought I'd sit a while and begin digging. Well I think I hit pay dirt!

After not getting anywhere with the immigration of Thomas Carson (born about 1800 in Ireland) I took another look online at any new resources available. I found the site and a list of some Irish immigrations. On the site was a listing for a Thomas Carson coming to Philadelphia on the Ship Adeline in the year 1831. I searched for the ship on and found a ships list (; however, there was no Thomas Carson, but a Thomas Cassin. Well, if you know anything about genealogy research you know not to stick steadfast to the spelling of a name. To further my curiosity Thomas is listed with a Jane and Eliza Cassin (Thomas' wife and oldest child's name) , Jane aged 22 and Eliza age 1. (Thomas' age was listed as 29yrs.) These ages fit to my immigrating Carsons. Another curiosity was Eliza being born in Ire, that's if these are my Carsons. I have no listing for Eliza being born in Ireland; however, when the family joins the 3rd UP Church in Philadelphia about 1837 all of Jane and Thomas Carson's children are christened except for Eliza. I'm now thinking that she was christened in Ireland.

The other half of this duo - Oliver Carson - has not been proven to be related to Thomas. I believe Oliver and Thomas are brothers or at least cousins. The two , at times, live together in Philadelphia or very close to each other. There is an Oliver Carson listed as sailing on the Ship Conestoga from Ireland to Philadelphia in 1818. He is 22 years old and a farmer. He lists his town as Aughnacloy, Ireland which is 11 miles from Dungannon where Thomas Carson has been recorded to be from (see Dungannon it is! post.) I'm wondering if Thomas could have been from Aughnacloy as well, but listed as being from Dungannon because it was the closest large town. Oliver never seems to have married and dies in the Almshouse in Philadelphia at the age of 74. Oliver was born about 1799 and Thomas about 1802. There are other Carsons to research for a possible relationship. I'm off to research a Robert Carson who attended the same church in Kensington as Thomas and family.

To Be Continued.................

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