Saturday, March 13, 2010

We Share Common Ancestors

Allied families are always interesting to check out and some times they allow you to back door information you can't find directly. I've been researching the Carson Family once again to see what new information I can come up with. I did find that Brigadier General John Miller Carson, Jr. was awarded the Army Distinguished Service Medal. More details can be found at

The Brigadier General's daughter was Margaret Sumner (Carson) Holt. Margaret's husband was Henry Chandler Holt, a Yale graduate and President of Central Hanover Bank and Trust Co., NY. The couple's daughter, Margaret Carson Holt, deeded her Great Grandparent's, (Bowen) summer home, "Rosedale" to the Society for the Preservation for New England Antiquities.

Margaret Carson Holt's Grandmother,

Mary Louisa Bowen (right - photo c. 1855) was the Granddaughter

of Lewis Tappan (below - photo c. 1853)

Lewis Tappan and his brother, Arthur, were abolitionist who set out to free African slaves who were brought to America on the ship Amistad. For more information visit

Lewis Tappan was the Great Grandson of Robert and Mary (Franklin) Homes/Holmes. Mary Franklin was the sister of Benjamin Franklin.

There are so many more details to share about these families, but that will be for another day. There are family genealogies written for the Bowen, Chandler, Tappan, Homes, and other Carson allied families. If you do a Google book search you can view them.

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