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William P. Saxton: A Philadelphia Hatter and His Kin

William P. Saxton (Grandfather to John A. Saxton)
was born about 1800 in Pennsylvania.  His wife was Elizabeth or Ann or Elizabeth Ann.  On the 1860 census she's listed as Ann and on the 1850 census it's Elizabeth.  The couple was most likely married about 1839 in Pa..

1840 census lists a William Sexton, Northern Liberties Phila., Pa. 1 male and 1 female between 20-30yrs. of age and 1 female under the age of 5.

1850 census 6th Ward of Kensington, Phila., Pa.
Wm. Saxton 42 yrs., occupation Hatter, born in Pa.
Elizabeth  33 yrs born in Pa.
(all children born in Pa.)
Ann E. 11 yrs
Alfred 9 yrs.
Oliver 7 yrs.
Harriet 5 yrs
Mary 1 yr.

1860 census 19th Ward Kensington Phila., Pa.
William P. Saxton 55 yurs occupation Hatter born Philadelphia
Ann 40 yrs. born Philadelphia
(all children listed as born in Phila.)
Alfred 19 yrs.
Oliver 16 yrs.
Harriet 14 yrs.
Mary 11 yrs.
William 3 yrs.

I have not been able to locate the family on the 1870 census as of yet.

1880 census 17th Ward, Philadelphia, Hancock Street
William Saxton, Father, 74 yrs. occupation Hatter born Pa., parents born in Pa. Widowed
Annie E. (Williams) daughter 41 yrs born Pa. Widowed
Annie M. (Williams) granddaughter 17yrs

William Saxton died 31 Aug 1887 Philadelphia at the age of 87 yrs.  He is buried at North Cedar Hill Cemetery in Phila.  I don't have the death or buiral information for his wife except that she died prior to William. 

North Cedar Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pa.
Gravestone that marks the resting place of
William Saxton (abt. 1800-1887)
Annie E. Williams (1838-1908)
Daughter of William and Elizabeth Saxton
Benjamin Williams (1835-1880)
Husband of Annie E. Saxton
Howard L. Williams (abt. 1865-1933)
Annie May Harrigan (1863-1913)
Daughter of Benjamin and Annie Williams
Annie M. Harrigan (Still Born 1887)
John M. Harrigan (1859-1931)
Husband of Annie May Williams
Annie E. Harrigan (May-Sept 1889)

William Saxton's son Alfred was the father of John A. Saxton
Alfred Saxton Family

1870 census 2nd Ward Phila.
Alfred Saxton, 28 yrs, Hatter born Pa.
Annie 25 yrs, born Pa
John 4 yrs born NY
Mary 2 yrs born Pa.
Annie 7 months born Pa in November

1880 census 31st Ward Albert St.
Alfred Saxton 39 yrs, Hatter, born in Pa., parents born in Pa. Unemployed for 3 months of that year.
Annie 35 yrs. Keeping House has Debility, born in Pa., Parents born in Ireland
John R. ( this is actually John A.) 14 yrs born NY
Mary 12 yrs
Harriet 7 yrs
Annie E. 5 yrs

1890 Philadelphia City Directory (McElroy's)
Alfred Saxton Hatter home 3159 Mercer
John R. Saxton Driver 3159 Mercer

1900 Ward 25 Rush St. Phila., Pa.
Alfred Saxton born Nov 1840, 59 yrs, born Pa., Hatter, rents property
Anna wife born Oct 1844 55 yrs born Pa.
Alfred son born Sept 1882 18 yrs single occupation laborer
William son born Jun 1888 12 yrs single at school

1910 census Ward 25 Philadelphia
Alfred Saxton Sr. 69 yrs. married 45 yrs. born Pa, retired has his own income
Anna wife 65 yrs.  Had 7 children/5 living born Pa.
Alfred Jr. son 28 single born Pa,. occupation Driver of a wagon
William son 21 yrs single born Pa.occupation Boliermaker for the Railroad

Alfred and Anna died sometime between 1910 ans 1920.  I haven't found them on the 1920 census.

Back to William Saxton (grandfather of John A.) ...............
William's son Oliver was a soldier in the civil war Co. E 27th Pa. Infantry.  He filed for an invalid pension and the next time I can get to Washington DC. I'll look it up.  There is a civil war record for an Alfred Saxton who fought for NY, but was from Pa.  (40th NY Infantry.) This Alfred Saxton also filed for an invalid pension. Due to the fact that John A. Saxton was born in NY in 1866 and that this is the only connection to NY I can find for the family, I have a sneaking suspicion that this may be William's son/John A.'s father.  When I get a look at the pension file I'll know. 

More on Oliver............I found a record on for Oliver being treated at a US National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in Dayton, Ohio.  The record lists Oliver Saxton born in Philadelphia, occupation Hatter, 31 yrs. old,  injury - gun shot wound of right thigh, injury received May 15, 1864, Reseca, Ga.  Oliver was in the home from June 22, 1874 through Aug 16, 1875.

There is an article posted online at
that tells of the death of Oliver Saxton.  The article is included in the book on Delaware County, Pa. History - Tinicum History.)

William's daughter Annie E. Saxton married Benjamin Williams.  Daughter Mary/May Saxton married a Mr. Haines.  Harriet died shortly after her father.  I don't have an exact date.

John A. Saton Family

1910 census Philadelphia
John Saxton 44 yrs born Brooklyn parents born Pa. Does odd jobs, rents home
Mary wife 37 yrs born Phila.
Mary daughter 3 yrs born Phila
Anna daughter 2 yrs. born Phila
John son 1 month born Phila.

1920 census Camden Garfield Ave.
John A. Saxton, owns home, 53 yrs, born NY, occupation laborer
Mary J. wife 47 yrs. arrived in this country 1889 was a naturalized citizen, born in Ireland
Mary A. daughter 13 yrs.
Annie daughter 11 yrs.
Francis son 7 yrs.

1930 census Camden
John Saxton  owns home, value of property $8,000.00, 64 yrs. old age 39yrs old at marriage, born NY parents b. Pa, occupation porter at a bank
Mary wife 57 yrs, 32yrs old at marriage born Ireland, parents born Ireland, Naturalized citizen
Mary daughter 23 yrs works for a department store
Anna daughter 21 yrs cashier at a restuarant
Frances  son 17 yrs Clerk at a garage
Patrick Kane boarder 20 yrs Helper at a garage

There will be more to follow on the Saxtons in my next posts.

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