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George Blanchflower Hunt, the immigrant

I was very excited and busy after I found an online listing for the christening of George Blanchflower Hunt.  Not knowing where the Hunts originated from in England I didn't think the genealogy trail would go any farther than Philadelphia, Pa.

Thanks, once again to the The Church of Latter Day Saints ( and,) I am able to now trace the roots of George Blanchflower Hunt and his family back to England and into the 1600s. Please keep in mind that the following information is based on online research and that more information is needed to be certain that all of the families are connected properly.

On to the good stuff!
Let's start in Saham Toney, Norfolkshire, England, the birth place of George Blanchflower Hunt.

Saham Toney is a village and a civil parish in the English county of Norfolk. The village is 14.5 miles (23.3 km) North of Thetford, 27.3 miles (43.9 km) west of Norwich and 101 miles (163 km) north-east of London. The village lies 13.1 miles (21.1 km) west of the town of Attleborough.The nearest railway station is at Attleborough for the Breckland Line which runs between Cambridge and Norwich. The nearest airport is Norwich International Airport. The civil parish has an area of 16.51 km2 (6.37 sq mi) and in 2001 had a population of 1565 in 680 households. For the purposes of local government, the parish falls within the district of Breckland.

St. George's Parish Church
in Saham Toney

From the parish register (and available online) of Saham Toney, I found the christening record for George Blanchflower Hunt, the immigrant.  The record lists Hunt, George Blanchflower son of Robert Hunt and Frances Blanchflower christened 14 August 1810.  After further research I was able to locate George's siblings. 

Children of Robert Hunt and Frances Blanchflower:
1. George Blanchflower Hunt (above)
2. Robert Graves Hunt christened at Saham Toney 16 May 1812
3. William Hunt christened at Saham Toney 4 June 1814
4. Susan Hunt christened at Saham Toney 1 Oct 1819 (burial record for Susan Hunt 4 years old 24 May
    1822 st Saham Toney)

George Blanchflower Hunt married Jane Muffett (born about 1811) on 13 Apr 1830 in Swaffham, Norfolk, England witnesses are listed as Jane Muffett and John Muffett.  The couple sailed for New York on the Ship Hannibal June 10th of that same year.  They then settled in Philadelphia, Pa.

A quick refresher on George and Jane Hunt's children:
1. Charles M. Hunt b. 1831
2. Susanna Francis Hunt b. 1840
3. William F. Hunt b. 1835
4. John P. Hunt b. about 1840
5. Mary Jane Hunt b. about 1842 (also called Jane)
6. Charlotte Hunt b. abt 1846
7. Caroline Hunt b. abt 1848
8. Georgiann Hunt b. abt 1854

Back to England............

I'm not able to track George's father Robert's family yet.  There are numerous Hunts in England.  I did locate the marriage record for Robert Hunt and Frances Blanchflower.  The couple was married 10 Oct 1809 at Saham Toney.

Parents of Frances Blanchflower are George Blanchflower and Frances Sparrow (married 7 Dec 1773 at Saham Toney.)

Children of George Blanchflower and Frances Sparrow are:
1. Mary Blanchflower christened 16 Apr 1775 at Saham Toney
2. Frances Blanchflower (wife of Robert Hunt) christened 16 Aug 1778 at Saham Toney
3. George Blanchflower christened 9 Feb 1777 
4. Elizabeth Blanchflower christened 31 March 1782
5. John Blanchflower christened 9 Dec 1787

Parents of Frances Sparrow (christened 8 Jul 1749 at Saham Toney) appear to be Samuel Sparrow and Frances Hoddy.

Parents of George Blanchflower (father of Frances Blanchflower) are Abraham Blanchflower and Esther Layt.  Abraham and Esther were married in Ovington, Norfolk, England 11 Mar 1743.  George Blanchflower was christened at Ovington 17 May 1747.

Parents of Abraham Blanchflower (born about 1704 in Shipdam, Eng.) are Thomas Blanchflower and Elizabeth Hill

Hopefully soon, I will have more Hunt genealogy that takes us beyond Robert Hunt! 

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  1. Dawn, I hope you are still monitoring this blog. short version...I have seen a number of your blog entries and posts in my research on my family tree and I believe your husband and I are 2nd cousins once removed. If my conclusion is correct, it would be great to connect. Longer version. William H and Anna M Hunt (Lonsdale) are my great grandparents, their son Louis B. Hunt is my Grandfather his brother George B Hunt (born 1886) is my great uncle. As a child I knew some of the Hunt clan but never remember meeting any of Uncle George's family so I know the least about that line. I retired a few years ago and started looking at the family tree and appreciate many of the things I picked up from your postings. My wife and I now live in the west which makes this more challenging as I find Pennsylvania records less accessible on line, but I have learned much I did not know over these past 5 years and have picked up much from some of your postings. Hope to hear from you. Thanks. Bill Hunt


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